Team Crea - A perfect balance of science, ethics and empathy

Crea Conceptions

Our experience at the Crea conceptions has been remarkable to say the least. Dr. Sasikala has been the driving force behind the scientific credibility of the team and also the humane touch towards the predicament of first timers eager to conceive. I commend the team for being the perfect balance of science, ethics and empathy which is a rather rare combination in the medical fraternity today. Words fall short in describing our experience at Crea because they exceeded all our expectations. We would also like to commend the team taking care of the ART process which was always prompt to arrange everything and quick to answer any queries that we had.

We travelled all the way from Bangalore to Chennai for the procedure and all we can say it that it was worth it and strongly recommend it to others who want to embark on a similar quest. The team at Crea did their best and God has been kind to give us a positive result in our very first attempt. Thanks a lot Dr. Sasikala and the team of Crea.

- Name withheld upon request


We approached Dr.Sasikala through our family psychologist Mr.Ravi Kumar. We are quite impressed with the ambience and the way the CREA team dealt with all our concerns.

When we approached them, they made us very comfortable and noted all our medical history. Dr. Sasikala prescribed selected tests to be done for both of us. Upon that we were suggested to go for IVF. We had lots of queries before deciding for it and were answered with very patiently. We were explained in detail each step of the whole process. So we decided to go ahead with the IVF treatment (first cycle) and we are very happy to share our good news with you that I became pregnant finally after 8 years of our marriage. There are no words to express our happiness which is brought by Dr.Sasikala and her CREA CONCEPTIONS team.

Mrs. Mahalakshmi, Embryologist gave a very detailed information of our tests results in each stage.

Mrs. Archana and Dr. Snekha guided us through all the formalities as and when required. Dr.Sasikala and her team were approachable at any point of time which gave us a personal touch.

One can be rest assured of privacy along with personal touch and best care and treatment during their journey for getting a new joy in their life. We would personally recommend people to visit Dr.Sasikala for Embryology consultation before trying elsewhere.

In a nutshell, CREA team's support made us feel at home. Thanks once again.

- Mr. & Mrs. Arun Kumar

Our heartfelt thanks with lot of happiness to "TEAM CREA"

At CREA, couples become parents with integration of divine touch and human intelligence.

Firstly we are now a proud and happy "Mom N Dad" and it's only because of Dr. Sasikala Natarajamani and her team. The whole credit goes to the entire team here in Crea Conceptions :-)

Crea is a dynamic team both professionally and technically which makes it a perfect place to liase with for their beloved patients. About Dr. Sasikala Natarajamani:

"Thanks is the only word which comes to our mind and we remain thankful to you forever."

She is the master mind behind Crea - intellectual, diplomatic and very kind to her anguished patients. We still remember the first conversation we both had with her. It was flawless and impeccable, which showed how knowledgeable, technically strong and confident she was in her approach and that gave us positive energy and made us go ahead with treatment and we are glad we succeeded in our first attempt.

The hospitality shown by her was commendable. We really appreciate her kind heartedness, calm, easily approachable and down to earth attitude which is very much essential & imperative in the field of medicine.

Thanks once again for the entire team.

- Name withheld upon request

Embryology - A crucial element in Infertility

Many couples don't know the discipline of infertility as a branch of medicine and rely on General Medicine and Gynecology.

The treatment for infertility begins with ample tests, followed by personal discussions with doctors in a rapid manner due to the long queue. Doctors won't find time to answer your queries. It is unlike other disciplines of medicine, where patients are taken for granted and there is no appointment. The couples are normally asked to come on a day without sufficient information about the treatment and options available.

After long treatments, we got the wisdom that the crucial element in the infertility treatment is Embryology. It is like under the bonnet for the car. In fact, what is under the bonnet of the car determines the car and not the body and its flamboyant features visible outside. Similarly, the Embryologists are not visible or not significant to the eyes of the patient and are the crucial contributors to the success of the treatment. Many hospitals do not have certified and competent Embryologists today.

We met Dr. Sasikala after long search / research and it is altogether a different experience for us. She understands the patient's sensitivity without compromising the values and professionalism. She is transparent on all means and very concerned about providing personal space to the couples. We feel Dr.Sasikala is more a coach and has been persistently educating us with knowledge rather explaining the treatment at the surface. Amid all pressures, Infertility treatment is a journey and experience and we strongly feel that Dr.Sasikala is making it pleasurable through her adept technical skills and adorable human qualities. One can feel after meeting Dr.Sasikala, her sense of deep commitment, passion and values she demonstrates and offers to the patients.

Leader of the Organization sets the culture and the reflections of Dr.Sasikala can be felt with each team member of Crea, who are courteous and patient centric.

Finally one prominent feeling with experience at Crea is that we are treated with respect and we are sure that anybody visiting Crea will have the same feeling.

With great gratitude

- Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh, Chennai

Dr. Rajapriya Ayyappan MRCOG, MD

Ohm IVF & Research Centre

Dr. Deepa Thiagarajamurthy MRCOG, FRCOG

Sai Women's Clinic

Dr. Krithika Manimaran M.B.B.S., MD (OG)

C.M Hospital

Dr. Gowri Meena MBBS, MD, DNB, CIMP, MRCOG

Women's Choice Clinic