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Embryology Services for Partnering IVF Practitioners and Gynaecologists

Crea's model is unique and is relevant to the present day scenario where trained embryologist's services are a challenge to get since a majority of them freelance which has its own disadvantages. Crea is an Independent Embryology Services unit where an IVF Physician can utilize its embryology services.

The clinical part of Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring can be done at their own centers by the Physicians and the patients can be referred to Crea for Embryology work alone. Oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer will be done by the referring IVF Physician.

Gynaecologists who would need the services of an IVF Physicians for Stimulation, Oocyte retrieval and Embryo transfers will be provided with a Physician as and when required.

We strongly believe that to achieve success, in such an emotionally and financially taxing process, seamless coordination and teamwork will be a determining factor. We encourage close co-ordination between the referring doctor and us. Crea is designed and positioned to play that role.

Once the patient achieves a clinical pregnancy, she gets referred back for antenatal care and delivery to the IVF Physician or the Gynecologist.

Crea is established with an explicit aim of bringing in a qualitative change to Embryology Services in the region and to this extent Crea is committed to the spread and development of this field. To aid this we will be able to assist Clinics and Hospitals in Building their Andrology and Embryology Labs including managing them for an agreed period of time after which the Clinic/Hospital can take over the running of the lab.

The services include but not limited to the following:
  • Equipment purchase and set-up
  • Train, Manage and supervise staff embryologist(s)
  • Participate in the clinic's compliance/regulations
  • Prepare and review policy manual, safety manual, write protocols
  • Quality control management, quality assurance, laboratory statistics
  • Laboratory trouble shooting, Quality improvement
  • Optimization of pregnancy outcomes through excellent laboratory practices

You are welcome to visit our facility at a mutually convenient time. We would be happy to give you a tour of our center and the visit would also help you get an idea of Crea's approach.