Embryology Corner

Is PGS another snake oil for couples undergoing Infertility treatment?

2016/12/30 - 1:13 pm

PGS – Pre-implantation Genetic Screening also known as aneuploidy screening is now popularly promoted by a number of Infertility treatment centers and other testing laboratories as some kind of panacea to the couples struggling to get kids. With infertility growing … Continue reading

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Your Gametes – Your Life and Future

2016/07/13 - 9:13 am

In the popular global sport of cricket, very early in the history of the game it comes to light that the first ever protection that a batsman took cover against the menacing pace bowlers is for his abdomen in the … Continue reading

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Know Your Embryologists

2016/07/13 - 9:01 am

Embryology practitioners are individuals who create human embryos in an Embryology Facility using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The best known embryology practitioner, Sir. Robert Edwards, PhD, was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2010. Embryology practitioners perform essential parts of the … Continue reading

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Embryologists – Are they a rare breed in India ?

2016/07/12 - 1:15 pm

The branch of biology and medicine concerned with the study of embryos and their development is called Embryology. Clinical embryology in particular is pertaining to the first few days of embryonic development. Who are Embryologists? An Embryologist or a Reproductive … Continue reading

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