Infertility Anxieties – The 2 week trauma

2017/01/18 - 9:41 am

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The two week period of waiting post embryo transfer can be the most nerve-wracking period during an IVF cycle.

Irrespective of how well your uterine endometrium is prepared, how good your embryos are and how well was your embryo transfer performed, implantation of the transferred embryos cannot be guaranteed. Implantation involves many factors including physiological, immunological and genetic factors which even the most experienced doctors cannot predict. Hence the success of an IVF cycle can never be a 100% like some claim. Success depends on other factors too like the quality of gametes, presence of other conditions like endometriosis etc.

Many clinics stress on complete bed rest for the next two weeks after embryo transfer so much so that the patient is afraid to even visit the restroom and constantly is lying down in an inclined position with the leg end of the bed raised and the whole family insists on the woman not moving around. 

The human oocyte is 120 microns in size and the embryo is less than 200- 300 microns depending on the day on which it is transferred. At this stage the embryo is not visible to naked eye and has to be magnified to a great extent to be visualised to be seen by the microscope. So there is no way the embryos are going to drop down from your uterus. After they are transferred, embryos undergo processes like opposition adhesion etc to get attached to the uterine wall. During this period heavy jerky movements are best avoided so that you do not disrupt the process of attachment. However minimal movement like walking etc will surely not affect the development of the embryo inside the uterus and being mindful of not doing sudden jerky movements or lifting heavy weights will help the attachment process. It is laos bets to avoid crowded places and unhygeinic food to avoid getting infections. But it is absolutely not necessary to stick to the bed which worsens the waiting period more. 

Positive thoughts, great conversation with spouse, friends and family, yoga, right diet and minimal work not exerting too much will go a long way in easing the tension experienced during the wait for the most elusive- Positive beta hcg!!

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