Can stress decrease IVF success rates – Be Surprised !

2017/02/04 - 11:32 am

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Data taken from 14 studies on IVF and stress involving 3,583 infertile women showed that there was no difference in IVF success rates of those who considered themselves stressed than those who stated they did not feel a high level of stress. This may seem surprising but it does make some sense since IVF cycles use very controlled hormonal levels for their success. The strong hormonal medications used for IVF may render stress hormones less potent on fertility since the entire hormonal cycle is being controlled. While this is reassuring (no one wants to experience additional stress from being stressed) you should still consider creating a stress support system for yourself so your experience is a supported one.

Studies have also shown Mind/Body therapies to increase IVF success rates greatly!

Mind Body Therapies and IVF

Mind/Body therapies use the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health. A study in Fertility and Sterility found a dramatic increase in IVF success rates for those who participated in a Mind Body program prior and during their IVF procedure. The study consisted of 143 women under 40 years of age undergoing IVF. Subjects were randomly put into either a mind/body program, which consisted of 10 sessions, or into a control group for two IVF cycles. First cycle results for all subjects was 43%. Those that had finished at least half of their mind body session prior to their 2nd IVF cycle had a 52% success rate of pregnancy while the control group had 20% success rate of pregnancy. (Fertility & Sterility June 1, 2011)

This study shows a dramatic increase in IVF success for those who completed only 50% or more of their mind/body program. Imagine the success rate if they completed the entire program.

There are many different programs that can help you tap into the mind/body connection while preparing and during your IVF cycle. Below I have mentioned the ones I have found to be the best.


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