Crea Scientific Director awarded the ET National - Hall of Fame award for her dedication and focus to the field of Embryology to "Help couples become parents"

We, at Crea, are proud to announce that our tireless focus and dedication to the field of Embryology and Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) has earned our Scientific Director, Dr. Sasikala Natarajamani the ET National Hall of Fame award 2019. The award was presented to Dr. Sasikala N at a glittering ceremony in New Delhi.

It is indeed a proud and humbling moment to all of us at Crea who believe in the power and possibilities the science of embryology offers to couples who are challenged in their journey to parenthood. It is our belief that Infertility is an evolving field with many unknowns and it is paramount that the couples whom we engage with know these very clearly and we make it a point to take the time to enlighten the possibilities it offers towards childhood despite the unknowns. .

Dr. Sasikala Natarajamani has led the practice with a philosophy that patient needs to be empowered with enough information of their gametes and the possibilities it can offer so that they can make their decision with great clarity, conviction free of any compulsions..

Dr. Sasikala N states, "I dedicate this award to my very talented and diligent team of embryologists who believe in the above philosophy and to my academic mentors and fellow embryologists and physicians in the IVF fraternity who continue to support and encourage me towards higher standards and goals in pursuit of better outcomes to couples who aspire to be parents. I also thank Economic Times immensely in instituting such an award and encouraging the IVF industry as it evolves in India".