Advance Sperm Function Tests
Sperm function tests

The following sperm function tests are usually conducted at Crea Conceptions as part of ART :

Hypo osmotic swelling test

This is a sperm vitality test based on the principle that live spermatozoa swell due to the absorption of a hypo-osmotic solution.

Vitality staining

This test is done when there are 100% immotile sperms in the semen sample, to diagnose if the spermatozoa are viable. It is a staining technique using eosin and Nigrosin and is based on the principle that dead spermatozoa take up the eosin stain and become red in colour, while the live ones remain white.

Peroxidase staining

Most of the semen samples contain cells other than sperms. There can be cells from the genital tract which are polygonal in shape, and more of nucleated round cells.

The round cells can be either
  • Precursors of spermatozoa which include the various stages like, spermatogonia, spermatids or spermatocytes
  • White blood cells. Most of them are poly morpho nuclear granulocytes and sometimes lymphocytes. The poly morpho nuclear granulocytes contain the enzyme peroxidase and this is the basis used to differentiate them from other sperm precursors.
Antisperm antibodies

In some men, there is breach in the protective blood testis barrier due to infections, trauma or obstruction. In such patients Antisperm antibodies are present normally both in the blood and semen. There are two classes of antibodies - IgG and IgA. The IgG antibodies attach to the spermatozoa. The IgA class of antibodies are secreted by the accessory sex glands and are found in semen only.